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lunedì 30 gennaio 2017

A better way to sleep

An American manufacturer and 
designer of mattresses, gave me the inspiration for my post about what to do to become a morning person, produce more and feel fit throughout the day. We all know that the well-being, begins with a good night's sleep ... at least 8 hours if possible.
Here, there are their suggestions and then, following, mine.

Like everyone else, I have made some resolutions for the new year, and I want to talk about them now, that I can tell the effects that I have already obtained.
My work is complicated and I do always very different things.
The easiest part of my job is that I carry out almost everything in my lab, basically at home, but often I have to travel, to go to the customers, to hunt for props and raw materials at flea markets, and in photographic studies do my job of photostylist.

Lately, though, I felt very tired and unproductive, and I can't let it happen.
 I therefore decided to find a solution, simple and natural, for not feeling too tired, with mental and physical capabilities slowed down, and mind confused.
I  have always had the bad habit of sleeping little time and get up in the morning with the desire to go back to bed immediately.
I therefore set out for myself some simple rules to follow, if not always, at least as often as possible.
Having followed these rules since the end of the holiday season, I feel much more relaxed and productive, and even happier because I do not spend the day worrying about leaving too much pending work.

1. I do not do anything strenuous or challenging after dinner:
often, though I could not finish a job, I postponed it after dinner, with the result that I made mistakes and sometimes I had to  start again, and, above all, It took more time than usual to perform it.
Now I try to do everything before dinner, or I'd rather postpone a little the dinner to finish the job I started. If, after dinner I have just to rearrange kitchen and then I can relax on the couch, the next morning I feel more refreshed and able to do the same job in half the time.

2. I dedicate a little more time to cook:
if it is true that if you have to finish work before dinner, often you do not even think about cooking, but eating every evening the usual pasta, pre-cooked risotto or some frozen food, is not good for health and definitely not pleasant.
I decided that I can prepare healthy dishes and simply delicious things, just googling on the internet,  as keywords, a few ingredients that I have in my fridge; the result is tasty and healthy recipes, perhaps based on vegetables (which must never be lacking in the house) and more digestible food.
I don't buy anymore already cooked vegetables,  but fresh ones and dedicate some time to prepare and clean them . I thought I wasted time, but it is not so, in fact, during the preparation of food I feel more relaxed and focused and I can get some good ideas for myself , I make also long speeches with myself and I clear many things in my mind.

3. After dinner do not eat anything:
if dinner was satisfactory, I no longer feel the need to eat junk food in front of the TV and  I go to bed lighter, with no weight on the stomach and unnecessary added calories.

4. I do not postpone the moment to go to bed: there are often things to do before going to sleep, and when it is very late, they become a burden and they delay the time to go to bed. For example: get in my pajamas, makeup removal, wash myself, prepare the bag for the next day and other things that more or less everybody does. I got into the habit of doing all of this before or just after dinner, I no longer postpone. It becomes immensely easier to get up off the couch and go to bed right away if you already are wearing pajamas and have your makeup removed. 
Removing makeup some hours before going to bed is still a good habit, the moisturizer that you should always put on your face after cleansing must have time to penetrate into the skin and not remain all on the pillow.

5. I dress comfortably:
I don't wear too heavy pajamas, synthetic or plush, that make you  feel heat  during the night, making you wake up several times. Nor lightweight clothes that make you feel cold. A t-shirt with long sleeves and cotton leggings, for the winter, or at least a flannel pajamas, are my clothes for sleeping comfortably.

6.I read a good book before going to bed:
very often we becomes hypnotized by the TV screen, and even if what we 
are watching is not particularly interesting, we lose precious time in front of the screen.
Personally I decided to look at  programs that interest me or at really good movies, but more often I choose to read a good book. My favorite books are thrillers and fiction. Reading a book you like is definitely satisfying and it can give you some good ideas on what to do in the following days, however, you can be filled with enthusiasm and desire to experience new situations. While you're on the couch, wrap yourself in a warm, soft blanket, it makes you relax and prepared for sleep.

7. I prepare the bed:
you can not sleep well without having a comfortable bed. A warm duvet, crisp linen (I personally sew the duvet covers using antique linen sheets, or hand-loomed hemp, that I also use in my work) and above we all know that we need a really good quality mattress.  I recommend you take a look at this 
designers of mattresses website, an American brand that produces some really fabulous mattresses and that gave me the inspiration for my post on sleep.

8. I make positive thoughts:
Whether you have the habit of praying or meditating or just thinking about the day you had, before sleeping, make sure that you have positive thoughts that will accompany you in your sleep. Think of something beautiful that you could do the next day or that you have done the past day, invent a pleasant story, imagine a dream you'd like to have. Falling asleep with a smile on your lips is certainly a nice way to end the day.

9. I sleep with my dog:
this is a must: I do not care about those who say that sleeping with the dog is unhygienic and morally wrong. When I go to bed I "steal" the dog to my husband, who perhaps is still on the couch, and that he keeps close to himself. I fall asleep with my puppy closely, and he always has his back against mine, and makes satisfied sighs in his sleep, it is perhaps the best way to end the day.

10. I drink a glass of water:
Before I started those new habits, if I was thirsty, I would drink a cold, sparkly and sweet drink. Now I drink a glass of plain water at room temperature. I found that it refreshes me more and it leaves my stomach light when I lie in bed.

These are my tips to prepare yourself for a restful sleep and for waking up in the morning relaxed and refreshed, full of energy.
I hope you find it useful and I would like to thank Leesa for the inspiration to write this post.

Here again, their advice for a good sleep:

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