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mercoledì 4 novembre 2015


Have fun to hand dye fabric with Dylon - tutorial

Since a long time I wanted to dye some napkins I've found somewhere in flea markets or between the old family linen, with a warm, vintage shade of grey. Twelve, embroidered or lace edged, different napkins that I previously dyed in light brown for a photoshoot for my pages on "Country Chic" magazine.

Obviuosly they were beautiful also in light brown, but I really wanted to have them in grey.
No hurry, but, anyway, it was very difficult for me to find the right product with the right color I wanted.
While I was shopping at Zodio, I saw the Dylon products, in many amazing shades of different colors!
There were two kind of products: fabric dye for hand use and fabric dye for machine use.
As I had a small amount of fabric to dye and I love to use my hands for diy works, I decided to buy Fabric Dye for Hand Use.
All that you need is: Dylon colors and 250 gr salt

And..a plastic bucket, rubber gloves and plain warm water!

Dylon Antique grey

First of all you have to wash the fabric you want to dye,and leave it damp

. Using rubber gloves, dissolve dye in 500ml warm water

Fill bucket with 6 litres of warm water  
add salt and stir well
Submerge fabric in water,  stir well for 15 minutes, then regularly for 45 minutes. then  rinse in cold water until water runs clear, then machine warm wash and hang fabric to dry not in the direct sunlight.
here you go...the result is beautiful!
Twelve different shades of grey, because the napkins are in different kind of fabrics and in different conditions - some never used, some used, but, basically that was exactly the result I wanted!

Ironed and folded they are really beautiful!

combine them with a heavy white linen tablecloth and you will obtain that nice cozy-chic look that we love very much

So I decided to buy other three colors of Fabric Dye for Hand Use and soon I will show you my next project, stay tuned!

2 commenti:

  1. oh wow! I'd like to do this with shades of purple. Will have to check it out :)

    1. Thank you Claire! Check it out! It is a sure-nice product!