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venerdì 4 settembre 2015

A cozy fall

Autumn is the best excuse not to leave the house ...

Wrap yourself in a blanket on the couch

And in bed, finally sleep under the covers

Autumn means wearing stockings,
putting long pants and long sleeved t-shirts that do not hide the summer tan, but rather, emphasize the contrast.

It means wearing flowered pajamas with flannel trousers 

Reading a book and learning to knit some slippers to wear as soon as you enter the house and you remove the rubber boots

Going to collect chestnuts in the wood and, once at home, warming the frozen hands clutching a cup of chocolate.

It means having as a gift, some summer days  with a clear, blue sky , that are softened, however, in the evening with a milder air.

Wearing a soft cardigan 
Lighting the candles and putting on slippers in the morning.

 Wearing your hair down.

 Resting with the dog.

Cuddling a little

Autumn is definitely relaxing and stimulating at the same time.
  After the rest and meditations during the summer, it is often in the fall that you decide and put into practice the most important changes in your life.

And when in the evening you return home, after long days of work to which we were not so used to anymore, you want to find the warmth, comfort and well-deserved rest.

Now the first changes in the home appear,  changes in fabrics, colors. Something new, exciting and relaxing at the same time.
Removed the summer linen who had a crunchy stiffness, you get to dress up the house with something soft and comfortable:
a knitted blanket on the sofa, some carpets on the floor, soft flannel pillows.

But first of all the bedroom: I want to have something new and traditional at the same time.The space is suitable, an attic with exposed beams and floor planks of wood.

Surfing on the web I wrote my personal wish list: grey duvet covers and

  soft cashmere throws from Parachute Home would definitely be right for me, so relaxing,with clean lines, almost essential.

room in the attic

milk white duvet cover and grey sheet

cozy room

I let Parachute Home inspire me in the choice of materials and style and I prepared the bedroom in the attic, being inspired by this clean style, adding all of my favorite comfort items.

 I dressed the futon for the fall, the bedding in the colors to which I was inspired, dark gray sheets and pillowcases and milk white duvet cover and pillowcases.

My favorite clothes for the new season: lace, tulle and wool, military jackets  with colored flowers and Hunter boots 

To warm up and relax before sleep, nothing better than milk and cinnamon, served on a tray, dressed with vintage doilies  


in place of the bedside table, vintage suitcases found in a flea market

nothing better then candles to warm up the room

My cashmere blanket is absolutely vintage but warm and soft as it should be

These are my recommended reading for autumn nights: "Wild" - Cheryl Strayed, an incredible adventure in the nature and within the soul.

For lovers of Thriller like me, the amazing Brian Freeman, "Season of fear"

A real life, his life, told with such sincerity and clarity by Alan Cumming, a great actor, and his book "Not my father's son". For now only in English.

A classic of post-modern literature: Bradbury's "Fahrenheit 451"

A sweet bookmark

During the fall we can learn to knit, making wool slippers, with a crocheted edge. They are simple and relaxing to do and we can do a lot of them to put in a basket, in the entrance, for our guests!

A vintage mirror, painted with the amazing Vintage Paint - Jeanne D'Arc Living - color Soft Linen

A blanket of plush, put on an old trunk is at hand for the colder nights

I wish you a sweet fall <3

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